Workshop & partnermatching event ‘Biobased coatingproducts’

By on 4 mei 2018

At 26 April 2018.

Biobased coatings

Biobased coatings


EOC : ‘The challenges of biobased coatings’ by Dirk Hoorne

The demand from the markets for bio-based coatings is becoming increasingly louder. The answers to the questions asked are not straightforward, can be multifaceted and hide a multitude of challenges for any R&D team. This talk wants to focus on how EOC is tackling this subject, what steps have been taken and which solutions can be offered

EOC_Challenges of Bio-based Coatings

Biobased coatings


Oleon: ‘Oleochemical building blocks for the coating industry’ by Bart Tijsebaert

Renewable oleochemical products based on vegetable oils and fats such as sunflower, soybean, castor oil, .. are already widely used in the coating industry and also new building blocks are being developed. They are found in alkydresins, polyurethanes, polyesters, .. The presentation wants to give an overview on the different oleochemical products used and how they influence the properties of a coating formulation.

Oleon building blocks voor de Coatings industry

Biobased coatings


Sioen : ‘Biobased approach in technical textiles By Benny Pycke

Sioen Industries is a leading technical textiles company focusing on coated textiles, apparel, and chemicals. This presentation will cover by means of examples a number of textile products made from biobased materials as well as products which are used for tackling some of the grand challenges our society is facing.

Biobased coatings


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