Workshop & matchmaking event ‘VOC-poor coatings’

By on 3 mei 2017

At April 27, 2017, the cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’ organised a workshop and matchmaking event on ‘VOC-poor Coatings’ on the university campus of Diepenbeek. This event was attended by 28 people of industry.

The day started with an introduction on the goal and on the past and upcoming activities of the cluster, followed by the workshop ‘VOC-poor coatings’. After an introduction on the regulations of VOC in coating and textile products by Jacques Warnon (IVP Coatings) and Jo Wynendaele (Centexbel), two companies gave a testimonial on their steps towards VOC poor products: Marc Rans (Hexion) on ‘Epoxy resins in various coatings sectors – an evolution towards lower VOC’ and Geert Vermunicht (Vetex) on ‘Solvent-free polyurethane coated technical textiles’.

The last presentation was given by Sybille Cavalier  of the cluster ‘Eco-Construction’ who explained the activities of this cluster in general and on coatings more in particular. By inviting other clusters, we hope to increase the knowledge on the needs of different end-users.

After the presentations, each participant had the opportunity to present its company/organisation to the audience in a 2 minutes pitch.

After a quick lunch, more than 80 B2B meetings took place where new business and project opportunities were discussed. Several companies already let us know that at least one of their meetings will lead to further meetings and eventually to co-operation.

Some impressions and pictures