Workshop & matchmaking event ‘Construction Day: coatings in the building industry’

By on 23 oktober 2017

Traditionally, coatings used in the construction industry are decorative or protective paints for walls and wood work. However, more and more coatings with other functionalities are being developed and used in buildings and applied on building materials: protective coatings for concrete, easy-to-clean coatings for tiles and windows, heat-reflective coatings for windows, UV protecting coatings for plastic construction materials, fire-resistant coatings, etc.

On 21 September, the cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’, organised a workshop and matchmaking event on this theme. This event was co-organised by WTCB-BBRI (Belgian Building Research Institute) and the Walloon Cluster ‘Eco construction’ and brougth companies from the coating and the building sector together.

The workshop started with three inspirational presentations:

  • Paints and coatings in the construction sector (Emmanuel Cailleux, WTCB-BBRI)
  • The vegetal airthight membrane by Derbigum (Michel Getlichermann, Derbiskin)
  • Advantages of using biobased epoxy curing agents in the construction world (Eric Van Nevel, anacarda LTD)

After the presentations, each participant had the opportunity to present its company/organisation to the audience in a 2 minutes pitch.

After a sandwich lunch, several B2B meetings took place where new business and project opportunities were discussed.

Some impressions and pictures