Project Information

By on 19 februari 2017

The cluster project ‘Innovatieve Coatings’ was launched in January 2017 . This Innovative Business Network (IBN) is an initiative of Sirris and Centexbel, supported by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Goal of the cluster

The cluster ‘Innovatieve coatings’ aims to increase competitiveness and to create economic added value by promoting creativity and innovation in terms of products, processes and applications.


Target group

The members of the cluster are companies or organizations of the entire value chain of the coating sector:

  • Raw material suppliers
  • Companies that develop and produce coating formulations
  • Companies applying coatings (toll manufacturers for coatings, integrated companies)
  • End users of coatings
  • Companies that make machinery and machine accessories for the coating industry
  • Study agencies, government, ….


Increasing knowledge about existing and new coatings by a cross-sectoral approach

There are so many new functional coating products that it is difficult for suppliers to distinguish themselves from their competitors, and on the other hand for users/jobcoaters to select the right coating.

The purpose is to join companies from different sectors (textile, metal, wood, plastics, …) to facilitate their access to new applications and sectors.

Demonstration of innovative products and processes

By demonstrating new products and technologies to different sectors, new applications can be found. Demonstrations are a powerful instrument to convince companies of the potential application of functional and ecological innovative coatings and trigger companies to find new applications.

B2B matchmaking and networking

By organizing B2B matchmaking events the cluster wants to stimulate development projects where companies of different coating sectors, and across the whole value chain collaborate.

Promoting sustainable products

  • by setting up development projects with coating formulators, research centers and end users of different sectors
  • by setting up projects to accelerate the introduction of innovative coating products
  • by setting up practical demonstrations of innovative products and technologies by suppliers and producers

Added value for the companies

The setting-up of a network across the entire value chain leads to dissemination of innovative and functional coatings. Cross-sectoral activities enable all sectors that are now looking for solutions in their own niche to be better informed. It will have a positive effect on all sectors involved in this cluster, which collectively leads to increased competitiveness:

  • Suppliers of coating products and (job) coaters can widen their market to new sectors and applications.
  • Producers of products and materials get more insight into how they can give the right added value to their product, which distinguish the supplier from his competitors.
  • End users will become aware that a good product selection as well as proper preparation and application are very important for the durability of the coating.


5 reasons to participate in this initiative ‘Innovatieve Coatings’

  1. CROSS-SECTORAL APPROACH: the cluster brings together companies and research partners from the entire value chain of the different sectors of the coating industry
  2. OPEN INNOVATION: meet, learn from and do business with each other
  3. BE INSPIRED by workshops, company visits and demonstration cases
  4. Come to new business and new developments by attending the matchmaking events and meetings initiated and facilitated by the cluster
  5. Participate in MUTUAL PROJECTS of multiple companies

Interested? Your company can join the cluster at any time!

For every invested by industry, the government invests an equal share.

Steering committee

The cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’ is advised by a steering committee. This committee will follow up the project: are the goals of the cluster relevant for the cluster members? are the right activities organised to meet this goals? how can networking and collaboration between members be enhanced? …

The steering committee consists of companies and organisations of different sectors representing all members of the cluster:

  • Jan Van der Meulen – CEPE (Chairman)
  • Bruno Eggermont – Fedustria
  • Caroline Cambré – Iris
  • Olivier Henry – IVP
  • Matthias Ide – Bridon-Bekaert
  • Patrick Rigol – Vetex
  • Marc Meeus – Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen


Together for strong, ambitious innovating

More start-ups, more stayers, more growers: that’s what we’re aiming for! Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Innovative Business Networks want to facilitate collaboration between entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and governments. Cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’ is one of these innovative business networks. Discover the other networks at #sterkinnoveren