Company visit@Meam

By on 11 juni 2017

At June 2nd, about 15 participants visited MEAM, a member of the cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’.

MEAM (Microwave Energy Applications Management) is an all-in solution provider of microwave technology based industrial installations. It delivers installations, adapted to the need of the customer. The design is refined, based on the results of feasibility studies, using a set of proprietary instruments and technologies.

The main microwave functionalities provided to the industry include heating, drying, conditioning, thawing, tempering, gluing, sterilizing, blanching and sintering.

Renaat Van Geel (business development) gave a short introduction to MEAM and the industrial applications of microwave technology.

Carlo Groffils, owner of MEAM, gave more details on microwave technology, its opportunities and the experience of MEAM on this technology.

Their presentation can be downloaded here.

The presentation was followed by a visit of the MEAM Assembly-line and Test Centre with life demonstration of coating drying.

Some impressions and pictures