Company visit@Hammer-IMS

By on 4 april 2018


At 23 March 2018, the cluster visited Hammer-IMS.


Hammer-IMS (Tom Redant)

Hammer-IMS develops and produces equipment that use M-Rays (based on electromagnetic millimeter waves) as an innovative thickness and basis-weight measurement alternative to conventional radioactive and nuclear measurement technologies.

Presentation by Tom Redant (Hammer-IMS)


Falex Tribology (Dirk Drees)

Falex Tribology Belgium is the European technical support centre of the Falex Group, market leaders in Tribology: measurement of friction, wear and lubrication. The mission of Falex is to provide industry with relevant testing methods and data interpretation, to help solve their friction and wear problems. A short introduction on ‘tribology’ if followed by a few examples of successful industry cooperations and a hands-on demo for volunteers.

Presentation by Dirk Drees (Falex Tribology)


Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, Department of Microbial and Molecular Systems, KU Leuven (Prof. dr. ir. Rob

Vapor phase deposition and characterization of nanoporous films – The KU Leuven Centre of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis specializes in the development, characterization and application of porous materials. Typically these materials are synthesized from solution as powders. Prof. dr. ir. Rob Ameloot highlights recent developments in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of state-of-the art porous crystalline materials in the context of microelectronics, sensors and membranes.

Presentation by Prof. dr. ir. Rob Ameloot (KU Leuven)


LCV (Jan Lambrecht)
Laser Cladding is not new but the technology is rapidly gaining interest. Due to the large steps in processs intensification, laser cladding also becomes price competitive with hard metal coatings such as chromium. As laser cladding is a sensitive process, a strict process control is necessary. For example, we study metallographic aspects during the development of new coatings and design test procedures for industrialisation. In addition to incoming and outgoing quality control, process control is applied, for example by monitoring the melt bath.

Presentation of Jan Lambrecht (LCV)


Laboratory for Soft Matter and Biophysics, KULeuven (Prof. dr. Christ Glorieux) – New method to measure the thickness of

Presentation of Prof.dr. Christ Glorieux (KU Leuven)

The presentations were followed by a visit to Hammer-IMS and a network-drink.