Company visit@Europlasma

By on 22 april 2017

At 21 March 2017, the cluster visited Europlasma.

Europlasma is the global leader in nano-coating (ultra-thin coating) solutions based on low-pressure plasma technology. Europlasma develops proprietary plasma processes, designs and builds low-pressure plasma treatment equipment.

The technology can be applied in a variety of application areas such as:

  • AUTOMOTIVE: anti-fogging effect, adhesion pretreatment
    ELECTRONICS: water- & sweat-proofing
    TEXTILES: hydro- & oleophobic treatment (e.g. Hopla project)
    SPORTS: protection of electronic devices against liquids (rain and sweat)
    FOOTWEAR: rain and mud repellency

Wim Huijsman, sales manager of Europlasma, presented the company, their plasma technology as well as the various applications in which the technique is used. It was clear that all kind of materials can be coated by means of their technology; e.g. electronics (resistance against water splashes), textiles (breatable waterproof coatings), plastics for medical applications (improve compatibility with the body), …

His presentation can be downloaded here.

This presentation was followed by a visit of Europlasma Pilot Facilities and Production.

Some impressions and pictures